Advanages of Mojito Lemon Stands


The competitive advantages of our recommended solution:

• location requires no preparation

• maintenance requires no electricity

• also no pipe water system

• the requirement of the maximum space is less than 4 m2

With the above mentioned attributes the maintenance cost decreased almost to zero.

Our mobile cocktail stand is a work equipment and advertising space at the same time:

• the remarkable design attracts the regard of consumers and inspire the consumption

• the form is completely identical to the product so it becomes advertising itself

• the mobile cocktail stand is going to be quickly the favourite of consumers thanks to the dynamic colour, the form of a cocktail glass and the additional attributes

For whom we recommend it?

• for those who would like to possess a device and a complete system with minimal cost

• for those who would like to get extra profit in his popular store

• for those who need an easily moving and fitting cocktail stand for local events, beaches, public sales etc.

If there is a lively place where you would like to merchandise or you would like to distinguish among other hosts in a crowded event, apply!

For furthe information: 



150 cm


90 cm


120 cm


100-120 kgs

Built-in ice container


The Stand has a special built-in ice bank, that can carry 100-120 kgs of ice for days without melting even in the most extreme weather conditions, which is enough for app. 450 drinks. 


The Stand also comes with a side storage unit to help with onsite storage and efficiency.